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Getting Started

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  1. An AWS account
  2. An AWS user with administrator permissions. See here
  3. AWS user credentials. See here
  4. An AWS configuration file specifying the region. See here
  5. Software
    1. JDK8
    2. Maven or Gradle

Creating and Deploying a Project

The easiest way to start a project using Osiris is to get Osiris to generate it for you. A generated project includes:

  • A "hello, world!" application demonstrating the basic features of Osiris
  • Build files for Maven or Gradle that
    • Build the project artifacts
    • Generate the AWS configuration files
    • Deploy the application to AWS
  • Classes to integrate your application with AWS and to run a local server during development


Osiris includes a Maven archetype to generate the project and a plugin to build and deploy it. Please see Getting Started with Maven.


Osiris includes two Gradle plugins. The first plugin is used to generate the project. The other plugin builds the project artifacts and deploys them to AWS. Please see Getting Started with Gradle.

Example Projects

The Osiris Examples project contains a few simple applications built with Osiris that demonstrate how to accomplish common tasks. The examples include:

  • Creating and using a DynamoDB database
  • Authorisation
  • Using Java for the application logic
  • Creating and using other AWS resources
  • Accepting and returning binary data