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WordPress Tailwind Starter Theme

A minimalistic WordPress starter theme, based on Tailwind and PurgeCSS.


How to get started

  1. Clone or download the project onto your themes directory (./wp-content/themes)
  2. Run a find/replace for the following strings:
  • wp-tailwind
  • WP_Tailwind
  • wp_tailwind_
  1. Run composer install
  2. Run npm install
  3. Update the BrowserSyncPlugin configuration in webpack.config.js to the domain of your local installation.
  4. Run npm start to begin development server.


The theme uses Webpack as its bundler with ES6 modules for JavaScript files. It also compresses images found in src automatically, and maps images to the appropriate destination through the @images alias. For example, @images/example.jpg would be compiled to ../images/example.jpg.


npm run build

This will run both a production and development set of webpack tasks. The enqueue hook will load the correct version of the JS file, based on whether your development/staging server's SCRIPT_DEBUG constant is set to true.


Using the tailwind.js file, you can customize Tailwind's default styles before things get compiled. For more information on configuration, see detailed documentation on Tailwind.


WP Tailwind uses PurgeCSS to remove unused styles from the production build. It scans your project directory for strings that match SCSS declarations. You can modify the directories to search for in the webpack.config.js file. Always check your production build to make sure styles you were developing with compiled correctly.