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import feedparser
import twitter
#import core
from time import mktime
from datetime import datetime
import urllib
import re
arxivApiUrl = ''
def get_arxiv_id(arxivURL):
'extract arxivID from arxiv URL, replacing / --> _'
l = arxivURL.split('/')
s = '_'.join(l[4:])
return s[:s.rindex('v')] # remove version info
except ValueError:
return s
def normalize_arxiv_dict(d):
'convert id and author names to fit our standard'
d['id'] = get_arxiv_id(d['id']) # replace URL by arxivID
d['authorNames'] = [ad['name'] for ad in d['authors']]
return d
def is_id_string(s,
'True if s looks like an arXiv paper string'
return dottedNumber.match(s) or fieldSlashNumber.match(s)
def lookup_papers(id_list, **kwargs):
'retrieve a list of arxiv IDs, as a generator function'
d = kwargs.copy()
for i in range(0, len(id_list), 10):
d['id_list'] = ','.join(id_list[i:i + 10])
url = arxivApiUrl + urllib.urlencode(d)
f = feedparser.parse(url)
for e in f.entries:
paper = normalize_arxiv_dict(e)
if not paper['id'].startswith('error'):
yield paper
def search_arxiv(searchString, start=0, block_size=25):
'retrieve list of block_size results for specified search'
q = dict(search_query=searchString, max_results=str(block_size),
url = arxivApiUrl + urllib.urlencode(q)
f = feedparser.parse(url)
l = []
for e in f.entries:
return l
def search_arxiv_iter(search_query, block_size=25):
'iterate over arxiv papers matching search_query'
start = 0
q = dict(search_query=search_query, max_results=str(block_size))
while True:
q['start'] = str(start)
url = arxivApiUrl + urllib.urlencode(q)
f = feedparser.parse(url)
for e in f.entries:
yield normalize_arxiv_dict(e)
start += block_size
if len(f.entries) < block_size:
excludeUsers = set((154769981,)) # just a robot, so ignore!
def recent_tweets(query=''):
'latest tweets of arxiv paper references'
for tweet in twitter.get_recent(query):
if tweet.from_user_id in excludeUsers:
for arxivID in twitter.extract_arxiv_id(tweet):
yield arxivID, tweet