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import urllib
import requests
from lxml import etree
import unicodedata
def map_to_shortdoi(doi, uri=''):
'find shortDOI for the specified DOI'
s = urllib.urlencode(dict(a=doi))[2:]
r = requests.get(uri + s, params=dict(format='json'))
if r.status_code == 400:
raise KeyError('DOI not found: ' + doi)
return r.json()['ShortDOI'].split('/')[-1]
def decode_url_chars(s):
'replace %hh by ASCII char, and %% by %'
out = ''
while s:
i = s.index('%')
except ValueError:
return out + s
out = out + s[:i]
if s[i + 1] == '%':
out = out + '%'
s = s[i + 2:]
out = out + chr(int(s[i + 1:i + 3], 16))
s = s[i + 3:]
return out
def map_to_doi(shortdoi, uri=''):
'find DOI for the specified shortDOI'
r = requests.get(uri + shortdoi, allow_redirects=False)
if r.status_code == 301:
url = r.headers['location']
i = url.index('')
return decode_url_chars(url[i + 8:]) # return the DOI
elif r.status_code == 404:
raise KeyError('shortdoi not found: ' + shortdoi)
raise ValueError('unexpected status_code %d' % r.status_code)
def find_doi_metadata(doi, uri='', pid='', format='unixref', noredirect='true', **kwargs):
params = dict(id=doi, pid=pid, format=format, noredirect=noredirect,
r = requests.get(uri, params=params)
return r.content # lxml can't handle unicode encoded...
def safe_text(o, k):
v = o.find(k)
if v is not None:
return v.text
return ''
def doi_dict_from_xml(xml, title='title', year='publication_date.year',
source_url='doi_data.resource', **kwargs):
import pubmed
d, root = pubmed.dict_from_xml(xml, title=title, year=year, volume=volume,
source_url=source_url, **kwargs)
authorNames = [] # extract list of author names
for o in root.findall('.//person_name'):
authorNames.append(safe_text(o, 'given_name') + ' ' +
safe_text(o, 'surname'))
d['authorNames'] = authorNames
return d
def extract_html_elements(html, minLength=100):
'get text elements from HTML doc above specified size, biggest first'
root = etree.HTML(html)
l = [(len(e.text), e.text) for e in root.iterdescendants() if e.text
and len(e.text) > minLength]
return l
# trick for counting non-letter/space characters in a string
textTrans = ''.join(['a' if chr(c).isalpha() or chr(c).isspace() else '_'
for c in range(256)])
def count_nonletterspace(t):
'get count of chars that are not letter or space, len(t)'
if isinstance(t, unicode): # force it to simple string
t = unicodedata.normalize('NFKD', t).encode('ascii', 'ignore')
return t.translate(textTrans).count('_'), float(len(t))
def find_abstract(uri, minLength=200, maxFrac=0.11):
'abstract should have the lowest fraction of non-letter/space chars'
r = requests.get(uri)
l = extract_html_elements(r.content, minLength)
m = []
for c, t in l:
f, total = count_nonletterspace(t)
m.append((f / total, t))
if m[0][0] <= maxFrac:
return m[0][1]
raise KeyError('(no abstract found)')
def get_doi_dict(doi, extractDicts=('doi_records.doi_record.crossref.journal.*'.split('.'),)):
'get dict of crossref metadata for this DOI'
import pubmed
xml = find_doi_metadata(doi)
doiDict = doi_dict_from_xml(xml)
doiDict.update(pubmed.extract_subtrees(xml, extractDicts))
return doiDict
def get_pubmed_from_doi(doi):
'try to get pubmed dict for this DOI, or None if not found'
import pubmed
xml = pubmed.search_pubmed(doi, retmax='1', field='LID')
d, root = pubmed.dict_from_xml(xml, pubmedID='!Id')
except KeyError: # some DOI not properly indexed in pubmed?!?!
xml = pubmed.search_pubmed(doi, retmax='1')
d, root = pubmed.dict_from_xml(xml, pubmedID='!Id')
except KeyError:
else: # have to check whether title matches
pubmedDict = pubmed.get_pubmed_dict(d['pubmedID'])
if pubmedDict.get('title')[:50].lower() == \
return pubmedDict
return pubmed.get_pubmed_dict(d['pubmedID'])