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from lxml import etree
import xmltodict
import requests
import time
import errors
def bfs_search_results(d, searches, results):
'''find all keys in searches, and save values to results.
WARNING: deletes keys from searches dict!'''
l = d.items()
except AttributeError:
for k, v in l:
f = searches[k] # found a match
except KeyError:
if callable(f): # let f generate whatever results it wants
r = f(v, k, results)
except KeyError: # didn't find what it wanted, so ignore
elif f: # save with alias key
results[f] = v
else: # save with original key
results[k] = v
del searches[k]
if not searches: # nothing more to do
for k, v in l:
bfs_search_results(v, searches, results)
if not searches: # nothing more to do
def bfs_search(d, searches):
'find all keys in searches, and save values to results.'
results = {}
bfs_search_results(d, searches.copy(), results)
return results
def get_val(v, k, r):
return {k:v['#text']}
def get_author_names(v, k, r):
return {'authorNames':[d['ForeName'] + ' ' + d['LastName']
for d in list_wrap(v)]}
def get_abstract(v, k, r):
'properly handle multi-part AbstractText'
if isinstance(v, list):
l = [('%s: %s' % (d.get('@Label', ''), d['#text'])) for d in v]
return {'summary':' '.join(l)}
return {'summary':v}
def list_wrap(v):
if isinstance(v, list):
return v
return [v]
def get_doi(v, k, r):
for d in list_wrap(v):
if d.get('@IdType', '') == 'doi':
return {'doi':d['#text']}
raise KeyError('no doi found')
pubmedExtracts = dict(ArticleTitle='title', AbstractText=get_abstract,
PMID=lambda v,k,r:{'id':v['#text']},
ArticleDate=lambda v,k,r:{'year':v['Year']},
ISOAbbreviation='journal', ISSN=None,
Affiliation='affiliation', Author=get_author_names,
def normalize_pubmed_dict(d, extracts=pubmedExtracts):
return bfs_search(d, extracts)
def extract_subtrees(xml, extractDicts):
'extract subtrees as OrderedDict objects'
d = {}
doc = xmltodict.parse(xml)
for xd in extractDicts: # extract desired subtrees
dd = doc
required = False
for k in xd:
if k.startswith('!'):
required = True
k = k[1:]
if k == '*': # copy all items in dd to d
k = None # nothing further to save
try: # go one level deeper in doc
dd = dd[k]
except (TypeError,KeyError):
if required:
raise KeyError('required subtree missing')
k = None # nothing to save
if k: # save to result dictionary
d[k] = dd
return d
def dict_from_xml(xml, **kwargs):
root = etree.XML(xml)
d = {}
for k,v in kwargs.items():
if v is None:
if v[0] == '!': # required field
required = True
v = v[1:]
required = False
f = v.split('.')
o = root.find('.//' + f[0]) # search for top field
for subfield in f[1:]: # contains subfield
if o is None:
o = o.find(subfield)
if o is not None:
d[k] = o.text
elif required:
raise KeyError('required field not found: ' + v)
return d, root
def pubmed_dict_from_xml(xml, title='!ArticleTitle',
summary='AbstractText', id='!PMID',
year='ArticleDate.Year', journal='ISOAbbreviation',
ISSN='ISSN', affiliation='Affiliation',
'extract fields + authorNames + DOI from xml, return as dict'
d, root = dict_from_xml(xml, title=title, summary=summary, id=id,
year=year, journal=journal, ISSN=ISSN,
affiliation=affiliation, **kwargs)
d.update(extract_subtrees(xml, extractDicts))
authorNames = [] # extract list of author names
for o in root.findall('.//Author'):
authorNames.append(o.find('ForeName').text + ' ' +
d['authorNames'] = authorNames
for o in root.findall('.//ELocationID'): # extract DOI
if o.get('EIdType', '') == 'doi':
d['doi'] = o.text
if 'doi' not in d:
for o in root.findall('.//ArticleId'): # extract DOI
if o.get('IdType', '') == 'doi':
d['doi'] = o.text
return d
def query_pubmed(uri='',
tool='spnet', email='', db='pubmed',
retmode='xml', nretry=2, acceptStatus=(200,),
retryStatus=(404, 502, 503), retryTime=1, **kwargs):
'''perform a query using eutils API, retrying if service unavailable
WARNING: eutils is flaky! lots of 503s, 502, 404 (when searching
for "cancer"!?!), who knows what else!'''
d = kwargs.copy()
if tool:
d['tool'] = tool
if email:
d['email'] = email
params = dict(db=db, retmode=retmode, **d)
for i in range(nretry): # often service unavailable (503), so retry
r = requests.get(uri, params=params)
if r.status_code in acceptStatus: # success
return r.content
elif r.status_code == 400: # badly formed query
raise KeyError('invalid query: ' + str(kwargs))
elif r.status_code not in retryStatus: # unexpected status
raise errors.UnexpectedStatus('query_pubmed: status=%d, query=%s'
% (r.status_code, str(d)))
if retryTime:
raise errors.TimeoutError('%s still unavailable after %d retries'
% (uri, nretry))
def search_pubmed(term, uri='',
return query_pubmed(uri, term=term, **kwargs)
def query_pubmed_id(pubmedID, **kwargs):
return query_pubmed(id=pubmedID, **kwargs)
def get_pubmed_dict(pubmedID):
'get paper data for specified pubmed ID, from NCBI eutils API'
xml = query_pubmed_id(pubmedID)
return pubmed_dict_from_xml(xml)
def get_training_abstracts(terms=('cancer', 'transcription', 'evolution',
'physics', 'statistics', 'review'),
'generate a training set of 20 abstracts per search term'
for t in terms:
xml = search_pubmed(t, usehistory='y', tool=None, email=None,
d, root = dict_from_xml(xml, WebEnv='!WebEnv', query_key='!QueryKey')
xml = query_pubmed(retstart='0', retmax='20', tool=None, email=None,
root = etree.XML(xml)
for o in root.findall('.//AbstractText'):
yield o.text
class PubmedSearch(object):
def __init__(self, searchString, block_size=20,
email='', **kwargs):
self.block_size = block_size = email
xml = search_pubmed(searchString, usehistory='y', tool='spnet',
email=email, retmax=str(block_size), **kwargs)
d, root = dict_from_xml(xml, WebEnv='!WebEnv', query_key='!QueryKey')
self.queryArgs = d
def __call__(self, searchString, start=0, block_size=20):
'get list of PubmedArticle dicts'
xml = query_pubmed(retstart=str(start), retmax=str(block_size),
tool='spnet',, **self.queryArgs)
d = extract_subtrees(xml, ('PubmedArticleSet.PubmedArticle'.split('.'),))
l = []
for dd in d['PubmedArticle']:
return l