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import cherrypy
import thread
import core, connect
import twitter
import gplus
import apptree
import view
from sessioninfo import get_session
class Server(object):
def __init__(self, dbconn=None, colls=None, **kwargs):
if not dbconn:
dbconn = connect.init_connection(**kwargs)
self.dbconn = dbconn
self.gplus_keys = gplus.get_keys()
def start(self):
'start cherrypy server as background thread, retaining control of main thread'
self.threadID = thread.start_new_thread(self.serve_forever, ())
def serve_forever(self):
cherrypy.quickstart(self, '/', 'cp.conf')
def reload_views(self, colls=None):
'reload view templates from disk'
if not colls:
colls = apptree.get_collections()
for attr, c in colls.items(): # bind collections to server root
setattr(self, attr, c)
def shutdown(self):
'try to force cherrypy to shutdown'
def login(self, email, password):
'check password and create session if authenticated'
a = core.EmailAddress(email)
except KeyError:
return 'no such email address'
p = a.parent
if p.authenticate(password):
get_session()['email'] = email
get_session()['person'] = p
return 'bad password'
return view.redirect('/view?view=person&person=' + str(p._id)) = True
def twitter_login(self):
redirect_url, tokens = twitter.start_oauth('http://localhost:8000/twitter_oauth')
get_session()['twitter_request_token'] = tokens
return view.redirect(redirect_url) = True
def twitter_oauth(self, oauth_token, oauth_verifier):
t = get_session()['twitter_request_token']
auth = twitter.complete_oauth(t[0], t[1], oauth_verifier)
p, user, api = twitter.get_auth_person(auth)
get_session()['person'] = p
get_session()['twitter_user'] = user
get_session()['twitter_api'] = api
self.twitter_auth = auth # just for hand testing
return 'Logged in to twitter' = True
def gplus_login(self):
oauth = gplus.OAuth(keys=self.gplus_keys)
get_session()['gplus_oauth'] = oauth
return view.redirect(oauth.get_authorize_url()) = True
def oauth2callback(self, error=False, **kwargs):
if error:
return error
oauth = get_session()['gplus_oauth']
except KeyError:
return view.report_error('session storage failed', 403,
'''Login session info storage (cookie)
failed. Please make sure that your browser accepts cookies
from ''', traceback=False)
get_session()['person'] = oauth.get_person()
return view.redirect('/') = True
def signout(self):
'force this session to expire immediately'
return view.redirect('/') = True
if __name__ == '__main__':
s = Server()
thread.start_new_thread(view.poll_recent_events, (s.papers.klass, s.topics.klass))
print 'starting server...'
#print 'starting gplus #spnetwork polling...'
#gplus.publicAccess.start_poll(300, 10, view.recentEventsDeque)