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Change Log


  • Added initial support for the Tizen platform [#77]. Thanks to JongHeonChoi
  • iOS: Added ISmsPresenter interface with DefaultSmsPresenter implementation to allow for custom navigation scenarios [#80]
  • Android: Fix sending of special characters as part of background SMS [#94]. NOTE: This requires READ_PHONE_STATE permission on some devices.
  • Android: Update to latest Support Libraries (v27.0.2)


  • iOS: Added IEmailPresenter interface with DefaultEmailPresenter implementation to allow for custom navigation scenarios [#78]


  • Upgrade to .NET Standard
  • Android: Update to newer Support Libraries (v25.3.1)
  • Android: Fix support for formatting number using country's default convention on API 21 and later. See PhoneSettings.DefaultCountryIso.
  • Android: Fix HTML formatting on Android N (API 24) and later
  • iOS: Improve IPhoneCallTask.CanMakePhoneCall on iOS to check support of url and connection to a carrier [#68]
  • iOS: Fix issue with email client not appearing [#72]
  • UWP: Updated to latest UWP platform
  • Breaking Change: Remove Windows Store support
  • Breaking Change: Remove deprecated MessagingPlugin facade


  • Add support for sending SMS to multiple recipients
  • Android+UWP: Add support for sending SMS without user interaction via the ISmsTask.CanSendSmsInBackground and ISmsTask.SendSmsInBackground
  • Android: Add support for using FileProvider to add attachments using content Uri's on Android Nougat and later
  • Android: Add new Settings class to configure Android specific behavior when sending emails/making phone calls (see next bullets). Access from Android project using CrossMessaging.Current.Settings() extension method.
    • Add new EmailSettings.UseStrictMode flag (default value false) to filter list of apps to only email apps and not other text messaging or social apps. Unfortunately adding attachments when using StrictMode does not seem to work, and is therefore currently not supported.
    • Add new PhoneSettings.AutoDial flag (default value false) to automatically phone the number instead of only showing the phone dialer with the number populated. Please note using this settings requires the android.permission.CALL_PHONE added to the manifest file.
  • Breaking Change: Remove iOS Classic support
  • Breaking Change: Remove Windows Phone 8.0 and 8.1 support
  • Breaking Change: Reworked EmailMessageBuilder.WithAttachment platform API to provide consistent API


  • Add EmailMessageBuilder.WithAttachment overload to add attachments directly from within PCL code (Android/iOS only)
  • Add additional IEmailTask.CanSendEmailAttachments, IEMailTask.CanSendEmailBodyAsHtml
  • Add CrossMessaging singleton as alternative to MessagingPlugin to access API features
  • Rename assemblies to Plugin.Messaging


  • Add UWP Support
  • Breaking Change: Change namespace to Plugin.Messaging


  • Allow specifying empty/null text and subject for Sms, Email
  • Fix for finding correct UIVIewController on iOS


  • Allow specifying multiple email attachments for Android
  • Resolved issued with CanSendEmail not working on Android 5.0 and later


  • Allow specifying empty/null recipient for Sms, Email


  • Resolved issued with Bcc being added to Cc recipients


  • Added support for attachments via IEmailAttachment abstraction (supported on Android, iOS and WinPhone RT only)
  • Added IEmailMessage abstraction
  • Breaking change: Deprecated EmailMessageRequest. Construct IEmailMessage using EmailMessageBuilder instead.
  • Breaking change: Changed IEmailTask.SendMail overload to use IEmailMessage.
  • Breaking change: Deprecated Plugin.Xamarin.Messaging.Abstractions namespace - use Plugin.Messaging instead


  • Added HTML support (only supported on Android/iOS)


  • Added new EmailMessageBuilder


  • Added new IPhoneCallTask.CanMakePhoneCall
  • Added IEmailTask.SendEmail overload to make it easier to send simple email request
  • Added Windows Store assembly. Does not support making phone calls or sending sms and only partial e-mail support via mailto protocol.
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