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A simple rTorrent interface written in Python

tag: v0.2.9

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The xmlrpc interface to rTorrent is extremely unintuitive and has very little documentation, this project aims to make interfacing with rTorrent much easier.

NOTE: This project is considered beta, so expect the API to change. All API changes will be noted in the CHANGELOG.


  • Python 2.6 or higher, 3.0 or higher (might work on older versions, but these are the only ones I'm supporting).
  • rTorrent 0.8.1 or later, with xmlrpc-c support (see this guide).
  • xmlrpc-c 1.00 or later. 1.07 or later for 64bit integer support (highly recommended, download either the stable or advanced branches).
  • Apache or lighttpd


If you're downloading the source:

$ python install

Or you can install directly from PyPI:

$ pip install rtorrent-python


  • Add support for views
  • Logging support
  • Documentation and examples
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