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Predicting stocks with regression models
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Stock price prediction


Can you predict the stock market from the price time series alone? What is easier short-term or long-term predictions? In this study, short-term prediction appears to be much harder than long-term predictions. It may be possible to predict future predictions of GLD stock with a simple OLS model motivated by physical spring (harmonic oscillator) dynamics. Further study needs to be done to see if these predictions can be used for a profitable trading strategy relative to a baseline strategy such as a buy-and-hold strategy of the S&P 500.

See presentation.pdf for more details!

Time-series methods

Methods used in this study:

  • Zero-mean model
  • Spring model


Make sure to have the following python library modules:

  • matplotlib
  • pandas
  • sklearn
  • numpy
  • statsmodels
  • tqdm
  • jupyter
  • fix_yahoo_finance
  • selenium
  • seaborn

Getting started

Clone this repository with git clone Launch the jupyter notebook by running jupyter notebook, then open gtrends-without-exog.ipynb.

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