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NYTimes Flickr Machine Tagger

The New York Times Flickr Machine Tagger is a Greasemonkey script which enables easy machine-tagging of Flickr photos with relevant identifiers.

It was created during The New York Times Open Hack Day 2010 by Chris Martin (@cjmartin) and Jake Porway.


The current implementation runs as a Greasemonkey script and has been tested in Firefox 3.6.12.

Since tagging photos on Flickr requires authentication, it is necessary to add a Flickr API key, secret, and user token, as well as a NYT API key, to the top of the script before installing. Obtaining these credentials is non-trivial, so for now installation is limited to people who already know how to get them.

Once the API credentials are filled in, installation is as simple as opening the script in Firefox with Greasemonkey installed.

Hopefully a server-side proxy and simple installation method will be developed soon.


Once the script is installed, it activates automatically when browsing articles on

To view available tags for the current article, click on the Flickr logo. Then to see photos for a tag, click on the tag.

Once the images have loaded, click on any images that are relevant to the chosen tag and a machine tag will be added to the photo on Flickr.


  • Currently Flickr only processes nyt:person machine tags, and this processing doesn't seem to work for all tags. I'm sure they'll fix that soon.
  • The script is too hard to install.