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Server for the Quarantine@Home Project.

Central job coordination server for quarantineAtHome project.

Obtaining the raw data from the main server

You can obtain a full SQL dump from the production server at these two links. It is missing a few extra-large tables, and has the IP addresses trimmed from the jobs table. (See in this repo)

See the flatfiles at

To import the sql database into your own private MySQL server :

bunzip *.bz2
mysql -u root -p[yourpass] -e 'create schema quarantine;'
mysql -u root -p[yourpass] quarantine < quarantineJobs.sql
mysql -u root -p[yourpass] quarantine < quarantine.sql

To fetch the docked poses, we have prepared a tar archive

cd quarantineServer # or wherever else you pulled this repository
tar -xvzf poses.tar.gz

Running the main server locally

This repo is only useful for developers. Also see the Client codebase

After cloning, create a file at app/initializers/

MYSQL_PASSWORD='its a secret'

To run :

./runserver -debug


Running in developer mode locally with a SQLLite database
Running in production with MySQL

for production use, you must install the relevant mysql libraries

sudo apt-get install libmysqlclient-dev
pip2.7 install mysqlclient

then create a file in app/initializers/ with the relevant MYSQL_PASSWORD = 'password'

To run the server, pass the production flag

python2.7 -production
Client notes

This webserver also contains a "client" controller that serves up a page at '/client/' - including demo ligans and receptors. This page, and associated coffeescript, serves as a place to develop the frontend that runs on the users client computer. Hosting it on the main server like this permits more rapid development with coffeescript and jade/pug templates, and these are dependencies I'd rather not push onto the client stack.

Regarding the interface, this is what Im thinking.....

  • Slow clients will run 1 ligand at a time, against multiple receptors
  • Fast clients will download batches of several ligands at a time, and run them against multiple receptors

It's easy to use NGL to display a running queue of ligands as they come in. Could implement it as a deque.

Displaying multiple receptors is more intensive on the graphics. A client probably shouldn't display more than a handful of receptors at a time. I can either limit the set of receptors a client works on, or I can implement a selector whereby the user chooses which receptor result to see.

  • implementing a selector like this would require a /results/ subdirectory that fills with ligand structures, poses
  • a list of jobs would need to be stored somewhere, storing ligand names, receptor names, energies. Could throw into sqlite, for now, JSON or txt

Endpoints :

  • status.json : main polling endpoint, will have a jobID that the frontend could compare -> triggers client insert of rows to top of results table
  • results.json : endpoint that returns last N jobs completed to pre-populate table