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Stubbing on prototype? #206

jockster opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Is it possible to stub a "class" looking like below with sinon's own syntax, without instantiating the class?
I would very much like to stub both the constructor as well as methods:

var UserModel = (function() {
  var User;
  User = function() {}; // Constructor
  User.prototype.isValid = function() {};
  return User;

you could stub the methods on the prototype (sinon.stub(UserModel.prototype, 'isValid')) but not the constructor itself. however, instead of stubbing the constructor, you could pass a different constructor to the code that consumes it. this would require writing your code in a way that allows you to inject dependencies. i would think though it would be more typical to inject instances rather than constructors and i find it hard to think of a case where injecting a constructor is better than injecting an instance.


I guess sinon.createStubInstance(constructor) is what was asked for here (see Closing issue.

@mantoni mantoni closed this
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