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Sandbox breaks code with QUnit because of "module" global var #91

keithamus opened this Issue · 3 comments

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The sandbox module inside Sinon has a tendency to break commonjs libs because of the way it checks for module.exports.

All other libs in Sinon use this code:

var commonJSModule = typeof module == "object" && typeof require == "function";
if (commonJSModule) {

But the Sandbox module uses this:

if (typeof module !== "undefined") {

This of course becomes very fragile because, for a lib like QUnit, where "module" is a global variable, Sandbox attaches itself to QUnits module function, with a property of exports. This then breaks other code as well, for example RaphaelJS, which has this:

(typeof module != "undefined" && module.exports) ? (module.exports = eve) : (glob.eve = eve);

Obviously module is defined (it's the QUnit module function) and exports is defined (from Sinon's Sandbox lib), so now RaphaelJS thinks it is in a nodejs style environment and breaks.


Thanks. Fixed and pushed in 1.3.2

@cjohansen cjohansen closed this


This issue has resurfaced in recent releases by virtue of buster-core's inclusion in to the mix.

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