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Added additional build information for creating one sinon.js file #163

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It wasn't clear from the current how to build a single file version of sinon.
Plus, when you wanted to build using "ruby build" on windows, it gave you an error because of the apostrophe mismatch


The "apostrophe mismatch" is actually something quite different. In Ruby, the backtick will run the contents as a shell command. Changing it to a single quote takes it from copying files to doing nothing :) The reason it doesn't work on Windows is that it doesn't have cp.

The proper solution is to use Ruby to copy the file. Want to take a stab at it? :)


This pull request passes (merged 64da3f6 into 4fa7a76).


Although I'm not a ruby guy (yet :), I'll look into it,

@cjohansen cjohansen closed this
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Commits on Jul 16, 2012
  1. Added missing install information to the READEME, and fixed a bug pre…

    Shai authored
    …venting ruby to build sinon on windows
  2. added built version to the root

    Shai authored
  3. changed to 1.4.2

    Shai authored
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