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Add support for jshint #53

SuneRadich opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Often we are in situations where jslint is too strict on our (oftentimes old, and hardly used) code. For instance, we have uses of "javascript:dostuff...." stings. Because of these, jslint fails, and unless we use juicer with the ignore parameter set, juicer stops.

Another approach would be to rewrite this code, but often it is little used code in systems that are not a priority - so rewriting is not an option.

jslint does not have an option to allow use of script urls, but jshint does.

In a normal coding invironment, jshint is often better, because it provides options that can be tweaked to handle the existing codebase - without us having to rewrite all the old code.

It would be a great addition to have jshint support in juicer.



I think it would not be very hard to add. However, as you might be aware of, this project is not currently on the top of my list of priorities. I'd suggest using Juicer with -s (i.e. skip lint) and use for your linting pleasure. It also allows you to put lint configuration in one place, not in all source files.

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