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Minesweeper in React and immutable-js

This is a functional, although not entirely complete version of Minesweeper in React with the game rules implemented with both immutable-js and straight JavaScript, using mutable objects and arrays.

Run the immutable version

cd immutable-es6
npm start


Run the mutable version

cd mutable-es6
npm start


Run the immutable ES5 version

cd immutable
npm start



Part of the exercise of writing this app many times was to benchmark and compare. Add ?bench to the end of the URLs, and the game will play itself by revealing every tile that does not have a mine, and print the full time in the console. This is not the world's most scientific benchmark, but if you hit refresh a few times, you get a picture of the average, and the difference is big enough to notice with a fairly small dataset. You will likely see the mutable version being the slowest and the immutable ES6 version being the fastest.


The code is written with various ES6 features, supported by the Babel transpiler. There is also a pure ES5 version.