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PHPs - Emacs major mode for PHP with code intelligence

License GPL 3 Build Status

Goal: An Emacs major mode for PHP scripting language which aims at making a full syntax and semantic integration. Currently at usable stage.

This mode does not require PHP installed on your computer because it has a built-in elisp based lexer and parser. It supports Emacs >= 26.


  • GPLv3 license
  • Flycheck support with (phps-mode-flycheck-setup)
  • Lexer based on official PHP 8.2 re2c generated lexer
  • Canonical LR(1) Parser automatically generated from the official PHP 8.2 LALR(1) YACC grammar
  • Syntax coloring based on lexer tokens, makes it easier to spot invalid code
  • PSR-1, PSR-2 and PSR-12 indentation
  • PSR-1, PSR-2 and PSR-12 supported white-space
  • Support for indentation of HTML, JavaScript and XML
  • Integration with (electric-pair)
  • Incremental lexer and syntax coloring after buffer changes
  • Incremental parser, imenu and bookkeeping generation after buffer changes
  • Supports (comment-region) and (uncomment-region)
  • Supports narrowing functions
  • Supports (beginning-of-defun) and (end-of-defun)
  • Support indentation for inline-html areas
  • Minimal mode map
  • Tested using unit tests and integration tests
  • Continuous integration tests using Travis
  • Included in GNU ELPA package archive
  • Support for asynchronous lexer via processes (async.el) or threads
  • Mode-line asynchronous status
  • Bookkeeping of symbols via syntax-directed translation, showing defined and undefined symbols via syntax coloring (requires a theme that has distinct colors for 'font-lock-warning-face and 'font-lock-variable-name-face)
  • Imenu generation via syntax-directed translation, showing namespaces, classes, functions, traits, interfaces and variables
  • Generation of symbol-table via syntax-directed translation

Issues and roadmap



  • C-c C-r Rescan buffer
  • C-c C-f Format buffer


Install manually

If you have downloaded manually i.e. to ~/.emacs.d/phps-mode/ you need to add this first to your init file:

(add-to-list 'load-path (expand-file-name "~/.emacs.d/phps-mode/"))

Install via package manager

You can install via ELPA (M-x package-install + RET + phps-mode + RET), package will now be loaded automatically when Emacs starts.


Enable flycheck support

For flycheck support run (phps-mode-flycheck-setup).

Asynchronous lexer (via threads or processes)

Enable with (setq phps-mode-async-process t) Disable with (setq phps-mode-async-process nil)

Asynchronous lexer via async.el processes

Enable with:

(setq phps-mode-async-process-using-async-el t)

Asynchronous lexer via threads

Enable with:

(setq phps-mode-async-process-using-async-el nil)

Enable / disable parser cache

(setq phps-mode-cache--use-p nil)

Installation and Configuration examples

Install, load and configure via use-package with flycheck support, asynchronous support via async.el

(use-package phps-mode
    :after flycheck
    :ensure t
    :mode ("\\.php\\'" "\\.phtml\\'")
    (setq phps-mode-async-process t)
    (setq phps-mode-async-process-using-async-el t))

Load and configure using use-package with flycheck support, asynchronous support via threads

(use-package phps-mode
    :after flycheck
    :mode ("\\.php\\'" "\\.phtml\\'")
    (setq phps-mode-async-process t)
    (setq phps-mode-async-process-using-async-el nil))

Install, load and configure using regular emacs-lisp with flycheck support, no asynchronous support

(package-install 'phps-mode)
(require 'phps-mode)
(add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("\\.\\(php\\|phtml\\)\\'" . phps-mode))
(setq phps-mode-async-process nil)


Emacs major mode for PHP with code intelligence







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