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A simple StopForumSpam implementation in php
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A simple StopForumSpam implementation in php

This file works by sending a GET requests to the StopForumSpam service, i.e. to:

you get the return a JSON i.e.:

{"success":true,"email":{"lastseen":"2009-06-25 00:24:29","frequency":2,"appears":true},"username":{"frequency":0,"appears":false}}

In order to use:

  1. Require this file using i.e.: require_once('StopForumSpam/Model.php');. No need to initialize this class because it's a static class!

  2. Set spamTolerance by directly accessing the property i.e.: \Models\StopForumSpam\Model::$spamTolerance = 10;

  3. Verify if a user is classified as spam with the is-functions i.e.: if (\Models\StopForumSpam\Model::isSpamBotByIpOrEmailOrUsername($ip, $email, $alias)) { do something .. } else { do something else .. }

Author is Christian Johansson

Visit StopForumSpam at:

or my blog:

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