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0.8.1 / 2013-10-16

  • Fixed a crash related to the keep-alive ping. (Pull req. #33 by Josh Goodwin)

0.8.0 / 2012-07-05

  • Added mention_name to each entry returned by Bot.getRoster. (Pull req. #25 by Garret Heaton)
  • Added mention_name to Bot to obtain the mention name of the bot. (Pull req. #25 by Garret Heaton)
  • Added historyStanzas argument to Bot.join to specify the max amount history entries to request. (Pull req. #23 by Garret Heaton)

0.7.0 / 2012-01-13

  • Changed the Bot.onError arguments. They are now condition, text, stanza. (Pull req. #22 by Garret Heaton)

0.6.0 / 2011-12-17

  • Added Bot.onInvite which is triggered whenever the bot is invited to a room. (Pull req. #21 by Garret Heaton)

0.5.0 / 2011-12-10

  • Added Bot.getRooms to obtain list of available rooms. (Pull req. #17 by Garret Heaton)
  • No longer need to specify the name of the bot in wobot.Bot. (Pull req. #18 by Garret Heaton)
  • Upon connecting, the bot will send the version it is running (or caps_ver) to the server. (Pull req. #16 by Garret Heaton)
  • The behavior of a bot disconnecting when an error occurs can now be overwritten when bot.on('error').

0.4.0 / 2011-12-06

  • Added Bot.getRoster to obtain the bot's buddy list. (Pull Req. #15 by Garret Heaton)
  • Added Bot.sendIq to send an IQ stanza. (Pull Req. #15 by Garret Heaton)
  • XMPP host can now be explicitly set in wobot.Bot. (Pull Req. #14 by Garret Heaton)

0.3.1 / 2011-11-09

  • Updated package.json for Node 0.6.0 support.

0.3.0 / 2011-05-29

  • New events API with RegExp support.
  • has been replaced with Bot.message.
  • Bot.unloadPlugin has been removed.
  • Updated node-xmpp to 0.2.7 for Node 0.4.8 support.

0.2.0 / 2011-05-15

  • Added a new error event to capture XMPP errors
  • XMPP errors now trigger the disconnect event
  • message event will no longer be triggered when message is from self
  • Removed keepalive interval on disconnect

0.1.0 / 2011-05-09

  • Passing reference to bot in plugin onload
  • Delayed messages will now be ignored

0.0.1 / 2011-05-05

  • Initial release
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