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Data on pure-meta-styled puzzles from publicly available puzzlehunts

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Data on pure-meta-styled puzzles from publicly available puzzlehunts. The main file is src/metadata.yaml, which is converted to src/metadata.json.

Browse random metas from meta-data on my website.

A "pure-meta-styled puzzle" expects the solver to combine several words and phrases (the "feeders") to create a new answer. The puzzle should has no content other than the feeders, and possibly flavor text, the puzzle title, and other small bits of info. It's a subjective definition and I'm using my judgment to determine what goes in and what doesn't. Consider Fortune Cookies and Spaceopolis, one of which is in the list and one which is not.

The schema is:

- feeders:
    - list of feeders
    - in alphabetical order,
    - or the order necessary to solve the meta,
    - if that information is not in the feeders alone
    - list of answers
    - possibly multiple, most have one
    - syntactic, semantic (or both)
    - kind of ad hoc which tags get added otherwise
    - but think of it as a "poor man's hint"
  flavor: flavor text
  note: |
    any additional info necessary to solve the meta using
    just the above information, e.g. puzzle title
    hunt: hunt abbreviation (see below)
    year: |
      year of hunt. for hunts that run multiple times
      a year, can be something like "Spring 20XX"
    puzzle: URL
    solution: URL

Indexed hunts:

  • MITMH: MIT Mystery Hunt (2000 to 2023)
  • GPH: Galactic Puzzle Hunt (2017 to 2023)
  • teammate: teammate hunt (2020 to 2021)
  • Halpin: Mark Halpin's Labor Day Extravaganza (2006 to 2023)
  • REDDOT: REDDOThunt (2017 to 2022)
  • Caltech: Caltech Puzzle Hunt (2018)
  • Silph: Silph Puzzle Hunt (2021)
  • Paradox: Paradox Puzzlehunt (2021)
  • Rojak: Puzzle Rojak (2021)
  • QOPH: Quantum Online Puzzle Hunt (2022)
  • Huntinality: Huntinality (2021 to 2023)
  • ECPH: EC Puzzle Hunt (2023)
  • Shardhunt: Shardhunt (2023)
  • MSPH: Microsoft Puzzle Hunt (2023)

I'm open to adding more hunts as long as both puzzles and solutions are publicly available online, and the hunt has a stable URL (which excludes, say, the Mystery Hunt, until it is archived). Contributions welcome.


Data on pure-meta-styled puzzles from publicly available puzzlehunts






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