Asymptote preprocessor, based on Evan Chen’s TSQ
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Asymptote preprocessor, based on Evan Chen’s TSQ.

Wait, what?

Asymptote is a vector graphics language. Lots of people use it to make diagrams for geometry problems. It works by a making a diagram from code. TSQ is an Asymptote preprocessor created by Evan Chen – it’s used to make Asymptote code easier to write and neater to look at. And TSQX is an extension of TSQ, which I made because I thought TSQ was a nice idea, and it can be made even better! Check how easy it is to make a diagram in TSQX:

~triangle A B C
D = foot A B C
E = midpoint A--B
F = extension A D C E

A--B--C--cycle 0.2 lightblue / black
B--F dashed blue

Sample TSQX diagram

How do I install TSQX?

To start off, you need to have a Python 2.7 installation on your machine. You need an Asymptote installation if you want to be able to view the diagrams. Save your TSQX code to any plain text file, making sure that is in the same folder, and then run python filename.txt > filename.asy on the command line. After that, you can either include filename.asy on a TeX file, or just do asy filename.asy directly on the command line to generate your diagram.

How do I use TSQX?

Here is a working draft for the documentation of TSQX. A tutorial for TSQX is also being written.