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Thank you for downloading engineyard gem version 2!
############ NOTICE when upgrading from 1.x to 2.x ############
First, if you have any trouble, you can uninstall this version to downgrade.
This version of the CLI does not affect the web deploy system.
Please file a support ticket if you have any issues at:
* IMPORTANT: eydeploy.rb modifications MUST be verified in staging!
Many internals have changed that could break eydeploy.rb!
* The order of compile_assets has *changed*. It now runs before
the maintenance page is enabled, to reduce downtime.
* ey.yml files should be checked in to your repository.
* Default bundler version is now 1.1.5.
A few other nice changes:
* All CLI commands are significantly faster. Woo!
* Deploy hooks now have access to `account_name` and `environment_name`.
* Deploy hooks can now use run! and sudo! to abort on failure.
* Supports new ey.yml options when ey.yml is committed:
* maintenance_on_restart: true/false (default: false except for glassfish and mongrel)
* maintenance_on_migrate: true/false (default: true)
* precompile_assets: true/false (default: inferred using app/assets and config/application.rb)
* ignore_database_adapter_warning: true (hides adapter warning)
* asset_roles: :all (specify on which roles to compile assets (default: [:app, :app_master, :solo])
* Don't remove maintenance pages that weren't put up during this deploy if maintenance options (above) are set to false.
* ey web restart - restarts web servers without deploying.
Deploying for the first time? The Engine Yard Pandas want to help you!
Email with your questions.
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