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A fake login method for use in testing Meteor apps
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This package can be used to aid in the testing of Meteor apps. It is most useful when you require a user to be logged in, but don't care about details of logging in itself. Note that it does not run on the production server.

How to use

First install the package meteor add csauer:accounts-phony.

You can now use the package like so:

//Must be accessed this way because it is a debug only package
var Phony = Package['csauer:accounts-phony'].Phony;

Please note that you can pass any user object in as an argument. The Phony object is exported with a sample user that you can access with Phony.user. This user is created in the database if it does not already exist automatically.

Here's a quick example of how to use this package while testing with the xolvio:cucumber package:

Feature: Phony login
  Scenario: User is logged in
    Given: I am logged in
    Then: I should see my username
// In a step definition file
this.Given(/^I am logged in$/, function () {

  var login = function(done) {
    Meteor.loginWithPhony(Package['csauer:accounts-phony'].Phony.user, done);


You can also create your own user to log in. For example:

// In a step definition file
this.Given(/^I am logged in$/, function () {
  var login = function(done) {
    var fakeUser = {
      _id: "phony-user-id",
      username: "phony-user",
      emails: [ { address: "", verified: true } ],
      profile: {
        name: "Phony User"
      "services" : {
        "facebook" : {
          "accessToken" : "__fake_token__",
          "expiresAt" : 1438797800881,
          "id" : "__fake_id__",
          "email" : "",
          "name" : "Phony McPhony",
          "first_name" : "Phony",
          "last_name" : "McPhony",
          "link" : "",
          "gender" : "male",
          "locale" : "en_US"
      roles: {
        __global_roles__: ['user']
    Meteor.loginWithPhony(fakeUser, done);


Of course you might want to pull that user out into a fixture for cleaner code. You can see that with this method you can integreate accounts-phony with other packages to test all aspects of your code.

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