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@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@ functionality.
created by Leiningen.
3. Edit `project.clj`:
- add `:namespaces [<project>.app_servlet]` (or use the equivalent `:aot` directive)
- - add `[appengine-magic "0.1.0]` to your `dev-dependencies`
+ - add `[appengine-magic "0.1.1]` to your `dev-dependencies`
4. `lein deps`
5. `lein appengine-new`. This sets up four files for your project: `core.clj`,
`app_servlet.clj` (the entry point for the application),
@@ -76,7 +76,7 @@ Recompiling the functions which make up your Ring handler should produce
instantaneous results.
-### Testing with ``
+### Testing with
1. `lein appengine-prepare`. This AOT-compiles the entry point servlet, then
copies the necessary classes and library dependencies to your application's
@@ -102,16 +102,40 @@ you put a file called `index.html` there, it will become a default welcome file.
-## Limitations
+## App Engine Services
+appengine-magic provides convenience wrappers for using App Engine services from
+### User service
+The `` namespace (suggested alias: `ae-user`)
+provides the following functions for handling users.
-This is a very early cut of this library. It does not provide access to App
-Engine services (the datastore, email sending, authentication, and so
-on). Please see [`appengine-clj`]( for a
-library which makes some of those services available in Clojure.
+- `current-user`: returns the `` for the
+ currently logged-in user.
+- `login-url` (optional keyword: `:destination`): returns the Google
+ authentication servlet URL, and forwards the user to the optional destination.
+- `logout-url` (optional keyword: `:destination`): performs logout, and forwards
+ the user to the optional destination.
+## Limitations
-Making App Engine services available requires enumerating the specialized `/_ah`
-URLs App Engine uses and figuring out which URL maps to which servlet provided
-by the App Engine SDK. Help in doing this work is welcome.
+The following Google services are not yet supported:
+- Datastore
+- Blobstore
+- Images
+- Mail
+- Memcache
+- Multitenancy
+- OAuth
+- Task queues
+- URL fetch

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