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<form id="listenForm" onSubmit="return false;">
<input type="text" name="q" id="q" value="<%= params[:artist_band].gsub('+',' ') if params[:artist_band].present? %>" tabindex="1" placeholder="search for artists or bands"/>
<input type="button" name="just" value="only" class="listen just" tabindex="2"/>
<input type="button" name="similar" value="similar" class="listen similar" tabindex="3"/><br/>
<section id="empty-playlist" class='middle-tooltip'>
o_O This playlist has 0 videos... this is kinda weird.
<section id="player">
<aside id="icons">
<% if user_signed_in? %><a href="#" id="playlists-opener"></a><% end %>
<a href="#" id="info-icon"></a>
<div id="ytplayerid"></div>
<div id="player-controls">
<a href="#" id="next">next</a>
<a href="#" id="previous">previous</a>
<a href="#" id="remove-video">remove video</a>
<aside id="info"></aside>
<h3 id="playlist-header">
<aside id="share">
share playlist on <a href="#" id="facebook" onClick="facebook()">facebook</a> or <a href="" id="twitter">twitter</a>
the playlist
<div id="playlist"></div>
<div id="share-video">
<div class='facebook'>share on facebook</div>
<div class='twitter'>tweet on twitter</div>
<input type='text' class='url' readonly></div>
<% if user_signed_in? %>
<div id="playlists-dialog" data-video-to-add-to-playlist="">
Pick a playlist below to add "<b id="video-to-add-to-playlist-title"></b>" to.
<% if current_user.playlists.count == 0 %>
<div id="no-playlists">
You currently have 0 playlist, create one below.
<% end %>
<ul id="playlists">
<% current_user.playlists.each do | playlist | %>
<li data-playlist-id="<%= %>"><%= playlist.playlist_name %></li>
<% end %>
<div id="create-new-playlist">
<div id="create-playlist-status">
<span id="creating-playlist">We're creating your new playlist!</span>
<span id="playlist-created">Your new playlist is ready and should be above!</span>
<span id="playlist-already-exist">You already have a playlist with that name!</span>
<div id="create-playlist-form">
<input type="text" id="new-playlist-name" placeholder="Enter new playlist name here...">
<input type="button" id="create-new-playlist-button" value="Create New Playlist">
<input type="button" id="cancel-create-new-playlist-button" value="Cancel">
<% end %>
<%= "setUserInfo(#{}, '#{escape_javascript(current_user.username)}')" if user_signed_in? %>
<%= "just('#{escape_javascript(params[:artist_band])}');" if request.path.index("just") || request.path.index("genre") %>
<%= "video('#{escape_javascript(params[:video_id])}');" if request.path.index("video") %>
<%= "similarTo('#{escape_javascript(params[:artist_band])}');" if request.path.index("similar") %>
<%= "userPlaylist('#{escape_javascript(@username)}','#{url_encode(escape_javascript(@playlist_name))}');" if @playlist_name %>
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