'release' of dragging video changes song (Firefox Ubuntu) #42

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jakswa commented Jan 20, 2013


I'm in Ubuntu at the moment and decided to fire up Firefox to use Tubalr for a change. I found that when dragging a video (say, to rearrange them), the currently playing video changes to the video that you just dragged when you release the mouse button.

This happens when dragging new videos into the playlist as well.

(maybe useless) Ideas

  • cancel the 'click' propagation, if jquery's draggable library catches it before your click event does (doubtful whether it's even the same click event, dunno here)
  • alter when your 'click' handler gets attached to playlist elements, ensuring only items already in the playlist trigger it, and that newly attached items don't trigger it
  • buy me lunch and I'll fix it

This has been reported by a few people, thanks for logging it here. It's a pretty annoying bug.


I wouldn't say this issue is non-critical, as it makes users want to avoid using DnD so they don't trigger the bug.

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