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This is a javascript plugin that takes an array of objects with timeAgo properties and sorts them from newest to oldest.


Mashing together two third party API responses and sorting them based on time can be a problem. What if 1 API returns strings like "1 minute ago", "4 hours ago", etc. and the other returns a timestamp which you convert to time ago. You'd have a problem. Run your data through sortByTimeAgo.init(data) or $.sortByTimeAgo(data) if you prefer jQuery and they're problems are gone!


var unsortedData = [
    fileName: "x10s",
    timeAgo:  "about 2 minutes ago"
    fileName: "la998",
    timeAgo:  "about 32 minutes ago"
    fileName: "00x",
    timeAgo:  "about 45 minutes ago"
    fileName: "717t",
    timeAgo:  "about 1 day ago"
    fileName: "654s",
    timeAgo:  "about 3 weeks ago"
    fileName: "b512",
    timeAgo:  "about 16 hours ago"
    fileName: "zz22",
    timeAgo:  "about 2 hours ago"
    fileName: "i372",
    timeAgo:  "about 9 seconds ago"

// plain javascript
var sortedData = sortByTimeAgo(unsortedData);

// if using jQuery
var sortedData = $.sortByTimeAgo(unsortedData);


This project is available under the MIT License. If you see something I did horribly wrong, please open a github issue or feel free to open PRs to make this plugin better.

Using sortByTimeAgo.js

If you happen to find use out of this plugin and are using it on a public website, I'd love to know. Shoot me an email at and I'll add it to the list: