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Tubalr is a simple way to enjoy all the great music content on YouTube.
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app add yourListeningTo method that was removed
config remove echonest and youtube genre searching
db no longer needed
doc first push
heroku/ruby/1.9.1 Adding direct searching to allow sharing urls.
lib/tasks add some logging so i can monitor the task when running
public testing
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vendor/assets started writting tubalrs frontend in angular
.gitignore add some comments to the events controller in preperation for a simpl…
.rspec - Set up rspec for testing
Gemfile added popular genres and featured subreddits to the home page
Gemfile.lock added popular genres and featured subreddits to the home page license
Procfile add unicorn gem for heroku. update profile added artist search.
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Please go for it if you're interested in pitching in to make Tubalr better.

Get up and running

  1. install postgres if you don't have it

  2. install bundler if you don't have it: gem install bundler

  3. install gem dependencies: bundle install

  4. edit database.yml to match your postgres configuration

  5. execute: bundle exec rake db:create

  6. execute: bundle exec rake db:migrate

Basic Git/GitHub Workflow

  1. Fork it

  2. Make a branch for your fixes or new features: git checkout -b branch_name_here

  3. Make your changes, test to make sure they work and that no previous functionality is broken.

  4. Push to your fork

  5. Open a pull request and describe your changes!


Tubalr's source is under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, please refer to the file for any further reading.

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