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Tips for writing cleaner JavaScript - Presentation

About this presentation

This talk will focus on practical tips for writing cleaner code. We'll look at actual before and after code samples and discuss the improvements that the proposed changes offer. Along the way we'll touch on common best practices.

Tips for running this presentation

If you're not familiar with RevealJS the following tips might prove helpful. Try these keys while the presentation is running.

  • Press the ESCAPE key to view a graphical overview of the presentation.
  • Press the s key to view presenter notes. This will reveal what was said during the presentation.
  • Press the b key to blank the screen. A presenter uses this when he wants to pause the presentation and ensure that the audience isn't distracted by the current slide.

View the presentation

Print the presentation

Append /?print-pdf/#/ to the end of the presentation URL and print or send to PDF.

View the presentation code

This presentation is open sourced. Feel free to fork the presentation and use it as the basis for sharing this with others. My presentation notes are included, but feel free to add you own.

If you'd like to contribute to this presentation simply fork it and issue a pull request.