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A fictional company with real problems.
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A fictional company with real problems.

Business context

Moaney is a consumer finance company that handles financial complaints for customers. In order to perform effective triage, they have support representatives that specialize in certain kinds of issue. They want a ML app that can take the raw text of a complaint submitted via a web form and suggest the kind of issue it's about so that it can be directed to the appropriate support representative.

Complainer is a proof-of-concept ML app that allocates mortgage complaints from Consumer Complaint Database to a defined ontology of issues. The data comes from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. An explanation of each field in the dataset is given in the field reference.


We use a Makefile to encapsulate repeatable tasks.

First, create a data directory with:

make dirs

then fetch the data file with:

make data

This should create a file: data/consumer_complaints.csv.

Python requirements can be installed with:

make requirements

Directory structure

The project has this schematic structure

├── .gitignore
├── Makefile
├── requirements.txt
├── data
│   └── ... created by Makefile, data (including persisted models) live here ...
├── experiments
    └── ... exploratory scripts live here ...
├── jobs
│   └── ... CDSW job scripts live here ...
└── complainer
    ├── ... modular code ...
    └── tests
        └── ... tests ...

The experiments directory contains scripts to be run interactively or through CDSW experiments.

The complainer directory is an installable python library containing code upon which some experiments and jobs depend.

The jobs directory contains imperative scripts that tie together the complainer module functionality (and some other well used tools from the python ecosystem). Jobs are how we "do things" with this project, and are where all I/O and side-effectful actions occur.


When developing the complainer library, run tests with

make test
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