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This repo implements a character LSTM trained on a corpus of the complete plays of Shakespeare. The dataset was obtained from datahub on 14th December 2017, but is included in the data directory of this repo.

An interactive interface for playing with the resulting model is available on ObservableHQ at Shakespair.


Assuming you are on a Unix system, the data dump in data/will_play_text.csv can be prepared by cding into that directory and running make sentences. This should generate a file called sentences.csv, with one lower case Shakespearean sentence per line.


Included environment.yml worked on my machine (TM) for local development. To train, I recommend using the AWS Deep Learning AMI on a GPU EC2 box, with the Python 3 TensorFlow environment. That will include everything needed to run the notebook.

Keras JS

The training process will save (~10MB each) h5 files to the data directory. These can be binarised for use in the browser with Keras JS. The process was totally straightforward - run one python script against the h5 file. See the Keras JS documentation.

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