The tool and data used to generate cjwirth/awesome-ios-ui
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The tool and data used to generate cjwirth/awesome-ios-ui.

This isn't necessarily meant to be flexible or reusable. It's just a simple way to manage the repo data in JSON format without having to deal with the resulting HTML or Markdown. Plus I can easily change the format :D


  1. Open awesome-creator.xcodeproj and build the awesome-creator executable.
  2. Open the directory that the executable was created in. (Right-click the "awesome-creator" under Products in Xcode, and select "Show in Finder")
  3. Make sure,, and the data directory were copied into the same directory as the awesome-creator executable.
  4. Run ./awesome-creator
  5. Check out the resulting output directory should be the same as the cjwirth/awesome-ios-ui minus the assets folder.

My output folder is actually the real cjwirth/awesome-ios-ui repo. So this the preferred way to contribute (and probably the easiest too!)


Caesar Wirth -

@cjwirth on Twitter @cjwirth


awesome-creator is released under the MIT License. See for details.