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Demolino - A Scripting Demo-making Tool for Linux with OpenGL

Yes, yet another demo-making tool. There are really NO usable demo-maker for Linux. And most Linux hackers want one. So demolino comes to help.

If you've ever glanced through my dashboard, you may notice another demo-making tool made by me: Dewox. That's an RAD one, and this is SCRIPTING one. That is, Dewox has a GUI to make demos, while Demolino allows you to use your favorite text editor to write demos.

So, why I write demos instead of making ones?

Because you're a hacker! (Or you may not like Demolino)

Mouse sucks in most cases to a hacker's view. And, to me, it's easier to write a compiler than GUI. So I may maintance this more actively than Dewox, with many new features not yet supported by Dewox appearing here.

Anything more?

Sorry, but I'm busy preparing for the mid-term exams and I have so little time these days that I cannot describe more for now. But I'll do it later after the mid-term exams.