Tutorial for PLNY2012 (and probably going forward)
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Percona XtraDB Cluster Tutorial

This repository contains both Tutorial documentation organized into modules and actual Vagrant + Puppet configs to setup a Tutorial environment. This tutorial was written for Percona employees to give at conferences in either 3 or 6 hours sessions, but should be useful for anyone wanting to explore more about XtraDB Cluster and Galera.

Tutorial Students

If you are attending a conference tutorial, start with the TL;DR section of doc/00-Setup-Quick.rst, as well as review that whole document and 00-Tutorial-Process.

It is recommended you do these steps before the conference to maximize time the whole class has to do the actual exercises.

Individual Learners

If you are not attending a conference tutorial, you may wish to start follow the Tutorial steps rigidly above, or just get the working environment setup and start poking around. In either case, the doc/00-Setup-Quick.rst document for details on setting up the environment on the machine of your choosing.

From there, all the documented modules under doc/ are mostly self-contained, though some depend on previous steps modules to a degree.


This repository is free to branch, open issues on, and submit pull requests to.

I've opened a set of issues for new modules to be written. If you want to contribute, take the issue, branch the repo, do your changes, and submit a pull request. I will make an effort now to use branches myself and keep the master branch clean apart from pull merges.

Any review/testing/proofreading you can do would be much appreciated.