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System configuration
--systemRoot=dir (-r) Path to system root. Default: '/'.
--platfromHeader=file (-h) Header files with platform macros (create with 'cpp -dM -std=gnu99 -'). Default: 'platform.h'.
--systemIncludes=dir System include directory. Default: '$systemRoot/usr/include'.
--settingsFile=dir (-c) Property file specifying system root, platform headers, and system include directories.
General processing options (lexing, parsing, type checking, interfaces; select only highest)
--lex (-E) Stop after lexing; no parsing.
--parse Lex and parse the file; no type checking (default).
--typecheck (-t) Lex, parse, and type check; but do not create interfaces.
--interface Lex, parse, type check, and create interfaces.
--dumpcfg Lex, parse, and dump control flow graph
--output=file (-o) Path to output files (no extension, creates .pi, .macrodbg etc files).
--writePI Write lexer output into .pi file
--debugInterface Write interface in human readable format (requires --interface)
--serializeAST Write ast to .ast file after parsing.
--reuseAST Reuse serialized .ast instead of parsing, if availabe.
--recordTiming Report times for all phases.
--filePC=file Presence condition for the file (format like --featureModelFExpr). Default 'file.pc'.
--bdd Use BDD engine instead of SAT engine (provide as first parameter).
--errorXML[=file] File to store syntax and type errors in XML format.
Parser options
--hideparserresults Do not show parser results.
--parserstatistics Print parser statistics.
--simplifyPresenceConditions Simplify presence conditions after parsing.
Preprocessor configuration
--define=name[=definition] (-D)
Defines the given macro (may currently not be used to define parametric macros).
--undefine=name (-U) Undefines the given macro, previously either builtin or defined using -D.
--include=file Process file as if "#include "file"" appeared as the first line of the primary source file.
--incdir=dir (-I) Adds the directory dir to the list of directories to be searched for header files.
--iquote=dir Adds the directory dir to the list of directories to be searched for header files included using "".
--lexOutput=file Output file (typically .pi).
--xtc Use xtc/SuperC lexer instead of TypeChef lexer (experimental).
Preprocessor flag filter
--prefixfilter=text (-p) Analysis excludes all flags beginning with this prefix.
--postfixfilter=text (-P) Analysis excludes all flags ending with this postfix.
--prefixonly=text (-x) Analysis includes only flags beginning with this prefix.
--openFeat=text List of flags with an unspecified value; other flags are considered undefined.
Preprocessor warnings and debugging
--warning=type (-W) Enables the named warning class (trigraphs, undef, endif-labels, error).
--no-warnings (-w) Disables ALL warnings.
--verbose (-v) Operates incredibly verbosely.
--lexdebug Create debug files for macros and sources (enables debugfile-sources and debugfile-macrotable).
--lexEnable=type Enables a specific lexer feature (digraphs, trigraphs, linemarkers*, csyntax, keepcomments, keepallcomments, includenext*, gnucextensions*, debug-includepath, debug-verbose, debugfile-log, debugfile-sources, debugfile-macrotable, debugfile-tokenstream) Features with * are activated by default.
--lexDisable=type Disable a specific lexer feature.
--lexNoStdout Do not print to stdout.
--adjustLines Report line numbers in output (.pi) file instead of source (.c and .h) files.
--analysis=type (-A) Enables the analysis class:
* pointer-sign: Issue type error when pointers have incompatible signedness (undefined behavior)
* integer-overflow: Issue security warning on possible integer overflows in security-relevant locations (unintended effects and undefined behavior)
* implicit-coercion: Issue security warning on implicit integer coercion (unintended side effects)
* long-designator: Issue security warning on lowercase long designators (readability)
* implicit-identifier: Issue security warning on implicit identifier definitions (undefined behavior)
* conflicting-linkage: Issue security warning on conflicting linkage declarations (undefined behavior)
* volatile: Issue security warning on referencing a volatile object using a nonvolatile value (undefined behavior)
* const: Issue security warning on assigning to const value or casting away const qualification (undefined behavior)
* char: Issue warning when converting between 'char' types of different signness (unintended effects)
* doublefree: Issue a warning when dynamically allocated memory is freed multiple times
* xfree: Issue a warning when trying to free memory that was not allocated dynamically
* uninitializedmemory: Issue a warning when the value of a non-initialized variable is used
* casetermination: Issue a warning when statements following a case block within a switch aren't terminated using a break statement
* danglingswitchcode: Issue a warning when code in a switch statement doesn't occur within the control flow of a case or default statement
* cfginnonvoidfunction: Issue a warning when control flow in non-void function reaches no return statement
* checkstdlibfuncreturn: Issue a warning when the return value of a standard library function is not check for its error values
* deadstore: Issue a warning when values stored to variables are never read afterwards
(Analyses with * are activated by default).
--no-analysis (-a) Disables ALL analyses.
Feature models
--featureModelDimacs=file Dimacs file describing a feature model.
--featureModelFExpr=file File in FExpr format describing a feature model.
--smallFeatureModelDimacs=file Dimacs file describing a feature model.
--smallFeatureModelFExpr=file File in FExpr format describing a feature model.
--partialConfiguration=file Loads a partial configuration to the type-system feature model (file with #define and #undef lines).
--dimacsFeaturePrefix=prefix Prefix that is added to all names in the dimacs file loaded after this option (default: CONFIG_). Use two double-quotes ("") as an empty prefix.
--printIncludes Prints gathered include information for debugging
--version Prints version number
--help Displays help and usage information.
TypeChef version 0.4.0_20150528094755