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Adding static files

You may need to add some custom static files to your CKAN site and use them from your templates, for example image files, PDF files, or any other static files that should be returned as-is by the webserver (as opposed to Jinja template files, which CKAN renders before returning them to the user).

By adding a directory to CKAN's :ref:`extra_public_paths` config setting, a plugin can make a directory of static files available to be used or linked to by templates. Let's add a static image file, and change the home page template to use our file as the promoted image on the front page.

First, create a public directory in your extension with a promoted-image.jpg file in it:


promoted-image.jpg should be a 420x220px JPEG image file. You could use this image file for example:

An example promoted image

Then in, register your public directory with CKAN by calling the :py:func:`~ckan.plugins.toolkit.add_public_directory` function. Add this line to the :py:func:`~ckan.ckanext.example_theme.v11_extra_public_directory.plugin.update_config` function:

If you now browse to, you should see your image file.

To replace the image on the front page with your custom image, we need to override the promoted.html template snippet. Create the following directory and file:


Edit your new promoted.html snippet, and insert these contents:

After calling {% ckan_extends %} to declare that it extends (rather than completely replaces) the default promoted.html snippet, this custom snippet overrides two of promoted.html's template blocks. The first block replaces the caption text of the promoted image. The second block replaces the <img> tag itself, pointing it at our custom static image file:

If you now restart the development web server and reload the `CKAN front page`_ in your browser, you should see the promoted image replaced with our custom one:

The custom promoted image.