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Remove OpenID support #2058

merged 8 commits into from Nov 25, 2014
@@ -40,6 +40,8 @@ API changes and deprecations
can be changed in the ``Repoze.who`` settings detailed in the Config File
Options documentation (:ref:`who.httponly`).

* The OpenID login option has been removed and is no longer supported.

Template changes

@@ -116,21 +116,6 @@ def make_app(conf, full_stack=True, static_files=True, **app_conf):
who_parser = WhoConfig(conf['here'])

if asbool(config.get('openid_enabled', 'true')):
from repoze.who.plugins.openid.identification import OpenIdIdentificationPlugin
# Monkey patches for repoze.who.openid
# Fixes #1659 - enable log-out when CKAN mounted at non-root URL
from ckan.lib import repoze_patch
OpenIdIdentificationPlugin.identify = repoze_patch.identify
OpenIdIdentificationPlugin.redirect_to_logged_in = repoze_patch.redirect_to_logged_in
OpenIdIdentificationPlugin._redirect_to_loginform = repoze_patch._redirect_to_loginform
OpenIdIdentificationPlugin.challenge = repoze_patch.challenge

who_parser.identifiers = [i for i in who_parser.identifiers if \
not isinstance(i, OpenIdIdentificationPlugin)]
who_parser.challengers = [i for i in who_parser.challengers if \
not isinstance(i, OpenIdIdentificationPlugin)]

app = PluggableAuthenticationMiddleware(app,
@@ -17,46 +17,22 @@ charset = utf-8
#use = repoze.who.plugins.basicauth:make_plugin
#realm = 'CKAN'

use = repoze.who.plugins.openid:make_identification_plugin
store = file
store_file_path = /tmp/sstore
#openid_field = openid
openid_field = openid_identifier
came_from_field = came_from
error_field = error
session_name = beaker.session
login_form_url = /user/login
login_handler_path = /login_openid
logout_handler_path = /user/logout
# important they go via here after login
logged_in_url = /user/logged_in
logged_out_url = /user/logged_out
rememberer_name = auth_tkt
# Not supported without an upgrade to "repoze.who.plugins.openid>=0.5.3"
#ax_optional = nickname= email= fullname=
#sreg_optional = nickname email fullname

request_classifier = repoze.who.classifiers:default_request_classifier
# challenge_decider = repoze.who.classifiers:default_challenge_decider
challenge_decider = repoze.who.plugins.openid.classifiers:openid_challenge_decider
challenge_decider = repoze.who.classifiers:default_challenge_decider

plugins =

plugins =

plugins =
# basicauth

@@ -347,11 +347,6 @@ def login(self, error=None):
if 'error' in request.params:

if request.environ['SCRIPT_NAME'] and g.openid_enabled:
# #1662 restriction
log.warn('Cannot mount CKAN at a URL and login with OpenID.')
g.openid_enabled = False

if not c.user:
came_from = request.params.get('came_from')
if not came_from:
@@ -383,9 +378,6 @@ def logged_in(self):
err = _('Login failed. Bad username or password.')
if g.openid_enabled:
err += _(' (Or if using OpenID, it hasn\'t been associated '
'with a user account.)')
if h.asbool(config.get('ckan.legacy_templates', 'false')):
@@ -55,7 +55,6 @@
'ckan.plugins': {'type': 'split'},

# bool
'openid_enabled': {'default': 'true', 'type' : 'bool'},
'debug': {'default': 'false', 'type' : 'bool'},
'ckan.debug_supress_header' : {'default': 'false', 'type' : 'bool'},
'ckan.legacy_templates' : {'default': 'false', 'type' : 'bool'},
@@ -3,23 +3,10 @@
from zope.interface import implements
from repoze.who.interfaces import IAuthenticator

from ckan.model import User, Session
from ckan.model import User

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

class OpenIDAuthenticator(object):

def authenticate(self, environ, identity):
if 'repoze.who.plugins.openid.userid' in identity:
openid = identity['repoze.who.plugins.openid.userid']
user = User.by_openid(openid)
if user is None or not user.is_active():
return None
return None

class UsernamePasswordAuthenticator(object):
@@ -41,4 +28,3 @@ def authenticate(self, environ, identity):

return None

@@ -298,11 +298,10 @@ def _identify_user_default(self):
b) For API calls they may set a header with an API key.

# environ['REMOTE_USER'] is set by repoze.who if it authenticates
# a user's cookie or OpenID. But repoze.who doesn't check the user
# (still) exists in our database - we need to do that here. (Another
# way would be with an userid_checker, but that would mean another db
# access.
# environ['REMOTE_USER'] is set by repoze.who if it authenticates a
# user's cookie. But repoze.who doesn't check the user (still) exists
# in our database - we need to do that here. (Another way would be
# with an userid_checker, but that would mean another db access.
# See:\
# .plugins.sql )
c.user = request.environ.get('REMOTE_USER', '')

This file was deleted.

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