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This is a a place for code, scripts and applications that extend CKAN in some way (but which aren’t extensions). Have something to add here? Please either email info [at] ckan [dot] org or just edit this page.

Google Docs Integration

Integration of Google docs spreadsheets with CKAN. Google app script script which supports:

  • Publish a Google docs spreadsheet as a dataset on CKAN
  • Push and pull metadata from a CKAN instance to a Google docs spreadsheet

Install via the google docs Script Gallery in the tools menu (or use the source).

Google Refine Extension for CKAN

This extension allows data of Google Refine projects to be uploaded to CKAN Storage and connected to a dataset on a running CKAN instance (for example

Embeddable Dataset Count Widget

Simple group count widget in pure javascript for embedding in other websites.

SPARQL Endpoint Status Checker

Status of SPARQL endpoints in the DataHub.

Author: Mondeca Data map

Map that shows the current availability for datasets across the European countries.

VoID metadata generator

Useful to automatically correct/maintain/enrich dataset metadata

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