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Idea Proposals

Better User Management

Our user management needs some affection as it is quite basic currently, it'd be nice to fix the password reset, have a log of previous login attempts/failures, allow user_extras so extensions can customize the user profiles to suit their needs, allow multiple api keys/per application api keys, revoking, expiring etc.possible relevant issues #126, #112, #105, #100, #101, #16

Generic Queue Framework for Background Tasks

We have the datapusher, but there have been suggestions of either expanding or replacing it. Either with celery/redis/whatever. The resource-views migration could of benefited from this, currently, some cli command has to be run which could take a fair amount of time depending on the size of the ckan site, a generic queuing frame work would of made this less painful. see #65, #66, #67, #80, #18 Also see

Improve Realtime Capabilities

Extend and improve the current ckanext-realtime see #56, #55. Perhaps integration with the resource views (new in 2.3) Semi-real time graphs would provide a great visual impact and people would probably end up showing real time graphs in any ckan demo they make.

Sysadmin/Publisher Dashboard

Create a sysadmin dashboard that summarizes all the salient statistics about the installation (e.g. Version, extensions installed, API calls, latest datasets, number of downloads, look at Solr stats, examine queue, etc.) similar to Discourse dashboard. Perhaps, there can even be a standard way for CKAN extensions to add dashboard elements, again, similar to Discourse, so sysadmins can enter configuration values in a web interface rather than the INI file. See #74, #85, and CKAN Multisite Project. It'd be nice if Organization Admins/Editors can have a redacted version of the Dashboard as well, limited to their org's datasets/members. Discourse Dashboard scnshot.

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