How to Install CKAN 2.0 from source on Ubuntu 12.04 on EC2

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Setup EC2

Create Your Instance

  • Note: To use the default Amazon EC2 Public DNS, replace “[]” with anything you like.

Launch a new EC2 instance with Ubuntu 12.04.

Create a new security group with permissions on ports 22, 80, and 5000.

Download the resulting key.pem file to your local machine.

Connect to Your Instance

cd /directory/with/your.pem
chmod 0600 "your.pem"

Add your key so you don't have to type it in each time:

ssh-add your.pem

SSH to your instance


If you don't want to add your key, use the following to connect to your instance:

ssh -i your.pem

Now follow the instructions on the ckan docs to install CKAN on your EC2 machine.