How to Upgrade Requirements

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This page describes how requirements are installed. There are different instructions for production environments, developers and the docs. This page also describes how to update the requirements.

Install requirements


In the CKAN root directory, run pip install -r requirements.txt.


First, install the requirements as you would do for a production environment. There are some additional requirements for testing and building the docs which can be installed with pip install -r dev-requirements.txt.

Upgrading requirements

Inside a virtualenv with only CKAN dependencies (created using virtualenv --no-site-packages venv), do:

  1. Install the requirements from the file with unpinned versions using: pip install -r;

  2. Run pip freeze > requirements.txt to save the new dependency versions. We do this before the other dependencies install so we can get only what was in;

  3. Install CKAN with python develop;

  4. Install the development requirements using pip install -r dev-requirements.txt.;

  5. Run the tests and check if everything works well. If not, either fix the problem, or pinpoint what new dependency version broke our tests, find an older version that still works, and add it to Recreate your virtualenv and go back to step 1;

  6. Review the changes and make sure everything is OK. Make sure you understand every dependency change

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