How to install CKAN 2.0 on Azure from VM Depot

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There are two methods to install CKAN on Azure using the images available on VM Depot: through the management interface and using the command line tool. These instructions cover both.

Through the Azure command line tool

  1. Install the command line tool. Details on how to set it up can be found here.

  2. Search for CKAN in VM Depot.

  3. Click on the deployment script link next to the CKAN 2.0 DB VM located under the star ratings and select a region you want CKAN deployed to. A script to run will appear.

Azure VM Depot deployment script

  1. Copy the script and fill in the gaps. For example:

azure vm create ckantest -o vmdepot-1398-1-32 -l "West Europe" user pass

This creates a new VM with DNS_PREFIX ckantest. Run this script.

  1. Now click on the deployment script for CKAN 2.0 Web VM as in point 3 and select the same region as before.

  2. Copy this script, making sure you use the same DNS_PREFIX as before. Also importantly add a -c flag to the command to connect this VM to the previous one. For example:

azure vm create ckantest -o vmdepot-1397-2-32 -l "West Europe" user pass -c

azure vm endpoint create-multiple ckantest 80:80

The second part of this script opens up port 80 to the outside world. Run both of these.

  1. CKAN should be available at <DNS_PREFIX> e.g.

Through the Management Portal Interface

  1. Create an Azure account and login to the management portal. See

  2. Click on the Virtual Machines section and then click on the images tab.

Azure VM Depot Virtual Machines tab

  1. Click on BROWSE VM DEPOT at the bottom.

  2. Find CKAN 2.0 DB in the library and follow the instructions to install it in the region of your choice. It will take some time to download this image to your local storage.

Azure VM Depot choose VM image

  1. While downloading, you should follow step 4 again but this time select CKAN 2.0 WEB. Make sure you select the same region for both of them when asked.

  2. Once downloaded make sure you register both VMs by clicking on the register button at the bottom.

Azure VM Depot register virtual machines

  1. Now click the new button in the bottom left-hand corner of the interface and select Virtual Machine from gallery.

Azure VM Depot new database virtual machine

  1. Find the CKAN 2.0 DB in the image list and select it.

Azure VM Depot select DB virtual machine

  1. Follow the wizard, calling the instance what-ever name you like (making sure you remember what you named the VM). Something with "web" in the name may be useful, e.g. "ckanweb". Call the DNS name what you want the address to be, e.g. if you call it "ckantest" the address will be end up being "". You can call the user what-ever name you like and supply a password or public key.

  2. Wait for the VM to stop provisioning.

  3. Follow steps 7 and 8 again this time selecting the CKAN 2.0 WEB.

  4. This time, when going through the wizard, when it asks if you want to create a standalone virtual machine or connect to an existing virtual machine, make sure you **connect **to the VM you created above. The previous VM has to have stopped provisioning before you can select it.

Azure VM Depot connect the two virtual machines

  1. Once the wizard is complete and the virtual machines are provisioned, i.e. have the status of running. Click on the web VM to open details about it and then on the endpoints tab to add a new endpoint. Call the endpoint "web" and put 80 in both of the ports fields. This opens up your instance to the web.

Azure VM Depot set endpoints

  1. Once this task has finished your site should be accessible at what-ever you named it, e.g.
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