How to upgrade CKAN 2.0 beta site to 2.0 final

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If you were on a CKAN 2.0 beta version from master or release-v2.0, you'll have files lying around from the paster-front-end-build command (or from paster minify and others) that you don't want when you're on the final release version. This is what I've been doing (this will delete any modifications or untracked files you have in the ckan dir):

. /usr/lib/ckan/MY_SITE/bin/activate
cd /usr/lib/ckan/MY_SITE/src/ckan
git clean -dfx
git reset --hard
git checkout release-v2.0
git pull

(At this point also pull the latest commits from any extensions, either the master or release-v2.0 branch depending on the extension.)

python develop
sudo service apache2 reload

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