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This page is deprecated in favour of the new Extension Registry -

This is a list of "external" CKAN Extensions - that is extensions which are not built-in extensions (which are shipped with CKAN itself).

There is also a spreadsheet which may or may not be more up-to-date.

Extensions supported by Core CKAN Developer Team

These extensions are currently supported by the core CKAN developer team.

ckanext-repo Shows the current branch and commit of an source install CKAN instance. For developers only.

ckanext-disqus Allows users to comment on dataset pages with Disqus.

ckanext-googleanalytics Integrates Google Analytics data into CKAN. Gives download stats on dataset pages, list * of most popular datasets, etc.

ckanext-qa Provides link checker, 5 stars of openness and other Quality Assurance features.

ckanext-harvest Allows to import metadata from other CKAN instances and provides a framework for building other harvesters.

ckanext-spatial Adds geospatial capabilities to CKAN datasets, including a spatial search API.

ckanext-htsql Adds HTSQL support to the datastore API.

ckanext-pages Adds a basic CMS to CKAN.

ckanext-dashboard Organizes views in to a single dashboard.

ckanext-viewhelpers Adds a few helper methods that are useful for CKAN's views (requires the new Resource View).

ckanext-basiccharts Increases the charting options available within CKAN (requires the new Resource View).

Unsupported Extensions

These extensions may work fine but are not currently supported by the CKAN core developer team.

ckanext-dcat (Work in progress!) Extension that allows CKAN to expose and consume metadata from other catalogs using documents serialized using DCAT.

ckanext-rdf Consolidated handling of RDF export and import for CKAN.

ckanext-wordpresser A plugin / WSGI middleware for combining CKAN with a Wordpress site.

socrata-harvester A harvester to allow CKAN directories to keep in sync with a Socrata store.

ckanext-sparql Puts a Sparql Interface Form in a CKAN instance.

ckanext-realtime Makes your CKAN site into a Realtime Data Portal. By using CkanRT.js library, client applications can subscribe to realtime events from Observable Datastores.


ckanext-privatedatasets Allows you to give access to specific user accounts for private datasets.

ckanext-datapreview A tabular data previewer that runs as part of CKAN and uses local archived data where it is available.

ckanext-ga-report A graphical view of the collected google-analytics data as shown at site usage

ckanext-issue A modification of the original OKFN ckanext-issues that allows reporting of data issues against resources and datasets.

ckanext-os Spatial widgets developed in mainly by Ordnance Survey (CKAN extension) to search by drawing a box on a map and a Spatial Ingester to automatically transfer spatial files to Geoserver to provide GIS APIs

ckanext-hierarchy Organization hierarchy for CKAN

ckanext-wet-boew CKAN v2.0 templates updated to use the Web Experience Toolkit for improved accessibility and mobile-friendliness.

ckanext-datatable An implementation of CKAN's IResourcePreview interface that uses the WET datatables for

ckanext-recombinant Create per-organization datastore tables and provide combined output

ckanext-scheming Easy, shareable custom schemas for datasets and groups (in development)

KATA project

ckanext-oaipmh Harvests datasets from an OAI-PMH data source, and presents an OAI-PMH interface to CKAN datasets and resources.

ckanext-ddi Extension to the CKAN harvester to parse and ingest DDI2/3 metadata.

ckanext-shibboleth Shibboleth identification plugin.

ckanext-urn Automatically generates an ID from an URN source for a Resource data type.

ckanext-noregistration Plugin to disable user registration on a CKAN instance

Customisation Extensions

These extensions modify CKAN to meet the requirements of specific installations by changing the layout or metadata schema. There may be some features in these that are applicable to your installation or they can just serve as inspiration for what is possible.

ckanext-dgu The core extension for theme and modifications of package schema etc. Includes Drupal authentication and integration.

ckanext-canada Government of Canada CKAN Extension - Extension à CKAN du Gouvernement du Canada including Forms and Validation for GoC Metadata Schema and tools for Batch import of data

ckanext-ogdch CKAN templates and translations for

ckanext-ecportal CKAN extension for the European Union Open Data Portal including word cloud

ckanext-datahub This plugin provides customisation of CKAN for The DataHub.

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