Update beta.ckan.org and master.ckan.org

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Both http://beta.ckan.org and http://master.ckan.org are installed from source and hosted in the staging server (currently s084).

There are three ways in which they can be updated:

  1. Doing nothing. Both sites are updated every midnight UTC time. This is done via a couple of cron jobs using the ansible script described in the next section.
  2. Using an Ansible script to update the source.
  • Install Ansible and add the staging server IP to your /etc/ansible/hosts file (check if the IP is up to date):

  • Checkout this gist with the Ansible playbook. The different tasks run are self-explanatory:


  • Run the playbook with:

    ansible-playbook update_source.yml -u amercader -s

    If no variables are passed, the site "master" is updated with the latest "master" branch. To update another CKAN site and/or version pass the following variables:

    ansible-playbook update_source.yml -u amercader -s --extra-vars="site=beta version=release-v2.1"
  1. Manually: ssh into the staging server (currently s084), cd into the CKAN source directory (eg /usr/lib/ckan/beta/src/ckan), discard local changes, pull the latest source, rebuild front-end and restart Apache, just as any other source install.
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