Upgrading to SQLAlchemy 0.8

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CKAN 2.3 will upgrade the SQLAlchemy requirement to 0.8.x instead of the current 0.7.x.

In the meantime, CKAN 2.2 users can also manually upgrade SQLAlchemy if required, using the following steps.

Note: The order in which they are run is important!

  1. Upgrade sqlalchemy-migrate:

    pip install sqlalchemy-migrate==0.8.2
  2. Upgrade SQLAlchemy:

    pip install sqlalchemy==0.8.4
  3. Upgrade vdm:

    pip install vdm==0.12

You should end up with these precise versions for the mentioned packages. To check that this is the case, use the following command:

pip freeze | grep -i "sqla\|vdm"