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LivePlaylist is a reusable app written in python to manage your livestreams and provide an up-to-date playlist for i.e. your TVHeadend instance (IPTV auto network).


  • Create HTML-Scrapers to scrape a Webpage and look there (in subpages) for public playists
  • Create SourceWrappers to make use of i.e. livestreamer and ffmpeg and pipe your stream as TS to TVHeadend
    • see live-Script in demodata
    • To use this script install livestreamer and ffmpeg at your TVHeadend server, make the script executable test it
  • Manage your own stream sources (LiveSource)


in a virtualenv:

virtualenv liveplvenv
cd liveplvenv
source bin/activate
pip install django requests lxml

mkdir src
cd src
git clone
pip install -e django-liveplaylist

now setup up your django projects to your needs ( and add/set following settings:

INSTALLED_APPS += ['liveplaylist']

django-playlist comes with a predefined urls config:

ROOT_URLS = 'liveplaylist.urls'

install the demo data, but don't forget to create a superuser first ( createsuperuser) with id = 1 loaddata ~/liveplvenv/src/django-liveplaylist/demodata/liveplaylist.json

Update your Playlist

create a CRON-job to update your PlaylistUpdate instance every hour:

0   *    *   *   *   /<pathtovenv>/bin/python /<pathtodjangoproject>/ update_playlists > update_playlists.log


User: demo
Password: --tvheadendisthebest--
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