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A plug-in for Google's Protocol Buffers (protobufs) compiler to lint .proto files for style violations.
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A plug-in for Google's Protocol Buffers compiler to check .proto files for style violations.


This plug-in will check a .proto file for violations of Google's Protocol Buffer Style Guide. The protobuf compiler already reports on compilation errors; by using this plug-in you are also able to retrieve those compilation error without writing any file which is be helpful for use cases like IDE integrations.


Download protoc-gen-lint and make sure it's available in your PATH. Once it's in your PATH, protoc will be able to make use of the plug-in.


You must have a working version of Google's Protocol Buffers compiler protoc in your PATH. You can download it here

Using go get

If you have a go environment already set up you can use go get to install.

go get

Downloading binary

Download the latest release for your operating system here and ensure the executable is available in your PATH.


protoc --lint_out=. *.proto

Optional Checks

Optional checks are enabled but passing a comma separated list to the protoc "parameter". Example:

protoc --lint_out=sort_imports:. *.proto

Available optional checks:

  • sort_imports - checks that imports are sorted in descending alphabetical order.


  • Write more tests
  • Find out about any common protocol buffer smells to check for from the community


See the CONTRIBUTING file.


See LICENSE file

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