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Update changelog and enable release flag

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tatokis committed Mar 7, 2019
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@@ -1,5 +1,50 @@
# Change Log

## [v0.4.0]( (2019-03-09)
[Full Changelog](

NOTICE FOR MAC USERS: ckb-next 0.4.0 stores its data using a different backend. If you upgrade, your settings and profiles will be migrated. In case of a downgrade, any changes will not propagate to newer versions of the software.

Support for new devices:
- K70 RGB MK.2 LP
- M65 RGB Elite
- M95 Legacy

Important bugfixes:
- ST100 now works on macOS properly
- Strafe RGB MK.2 logo is mapped to the right LEDs, and media buttons are positioned correctly
- A buffer overflow causing the daemon to crash or hang has been fixed
- quickinstall can now run correctly with multibyte characters in the path
- Rename now works correctly in the Profile Manager context menu
- Animations with no presets no longer get loaded to prevent crashes
- K70 Lux is now marked correctly as monochrome
- ckb-next can be built again with Qt 5.2
- Save to hardware now gets disabled in the context menu for unsupported devices
- Settings backend has been changed to ini for macOS, preventing silent configuration data corruption
- The K55, the ST100 and the Polaris now have working default profiles
- A few cases that may cause the GUI to crash have been found and fixed
- Blank animation names are no longer allowed

New features:
- GUI has gained a monochrome tray icon option (QSystemTrayIcon only)
- Device brightness can be controlled by scrolling on the tray icon on Linux systems that support it (AppIndicator or KDE)
- Profiles and modes can now be changed with the --profile and --mode arguments passed to the GUI binary
- New Conway's Game of Life animation
- New 'snake' animation
- New 'pipe' animation, allowing the user to send rgb data from external applications
- Music Visualizer (mviz) is now supported on macOS, and has been reworked to function correctly
- A --version argument has been added to the daemon

- On Linux, the udev rule has been renamed and moved
- On Linux, for builds with libappindicator, it can be force enabled/disabled by setting the CKB_NEXT_USE_APPINDICATOR environment variable
- On Linux, libappindicator support is also enabled if the Qt platform theme is gtk2 (Useful for Unity on Ubuntu 19.04)
- The restart command has been removed from the daemon
- Threads are now named for easier debugging
- Signal handler has been rewritten
- A few unneeded packets are no longer being sent to M65 mice
- Only Red channel data is being sent to monochrome devices

## [v0.3.2]( (2018-10-07)
[Full Changelog](

@@ -1,9 +1,9 @@
set(ckb-next_VERSION "0.3.2")
set(ckb-next_VERSION "0.4.0")
set(ckb-next_VERSION_MAJOR 0)
set(ckb-next_VERSION_MINOR 3)
set(ckb-next_VERSION_PATCH 2)
set(ckb-next_VERSION_MINOR 4)
set(ckb-next_VERSION_PATCH 0)
# This should be set to TRUE _only_ in archive/tarball releases

# Profile format version
set(ckb-next_PROFILE_VER 1)

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