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Eric Carmichael's blog

Picture of Eric Carmichael

"This is like my tenth time on a kayak, I'm pretty cool"
— Eric Carmichael on Fernan Lake, Idaho

Environment variables


Getting started

pip install -r requirements.txt

export PELICAN_SITE_URL="file:///Users/you/your/blog/dir/output"

Writing articles

make regenerate

this will write to output/ whenever you change the articles in content/


If hosting on heroku use the getpelican buildpack

Fab commands

fab deploy

cleans output, verifies urls, then if they are valid git push, and git push heroku master

fab clean

removes and recreates a clean output/ dir

fab check_urls

iterates over every a tag to verify it has a URL and that URL exists, I wrote this mainly to catch myself from missing small details, like forgetting to fill in a [text](url) tag!